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Trying out the Nikkor 55mm f2.8 in the studio, shooting the big pilot chrono.

Playing around in the studio.

I really need to shoot this space some time. The blues, let me tell ya.

Welcome to RadiaStar Technologies.

Allowing you to see further than you’ve ever seen before.

Further Investigation of the Obscura Reversal Experiment

One of our head scientists testing obscura reversal with the Radiastar portal lighting and the effects that the radiant energy may cause on life.

Recently, I shot a play for a costume-designer friend, Ashton. These were all shot at the dress rehearsal before they started touring the local schools. I wish I had brought some lighting, though. Most of the scenes were dim and dramatic and a set of strobes would have opened a lot of doors. I am very glad that actors love to have their pictures taken so much. It just makes my job a little easier.

Throwback Thursday:

That’s my good buddy David. The photo is from a couple years ago, and somehow it didn’t make the cut to be online. The lighting is really nice. I remember shooting this with my old Russian Leica knock off, and I was always satisfied with the softness that the lens gave portraits.

Anyway, it’s a nice portrait of a cool dude and should be shared.

So, here it is.

Two test shots for my senior project. The overall working title for this (and other works on the same subject) is Obscura Reversal. It is a continuation of looking at light as a subject for an image or project. I spent all of last night building some props and, if everything comes together as it should, it’s going to be pretty cool.


basement (1) on Flickr.

From Series: Light Shining Through the Cave

Looking at this again, it’s reminding me of Belshazzar’s Feast by Rembrandt. I always thought it looked like a painting, and maybe there’s another painting that is even closer, but I need to pay attention to this relationship more.