We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

Oh boy. It's been a while. I've been hustling and bustling and at one point my website disappeared. The past year and a half or so has felt like a blur. A lot has happened. I've grown a lot. My focus has changed a little.

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Best of 2017


2017 was pretty great.

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Throwback - Emerald City Half and Quarter


Last month I photographed the Emerald City Half Marathon. These events are always fun. Even going into the third year of doing them, I still look forward to photographing every race.

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Developing Old Rolls


I have an old tin tea package in my room labeled "DEVELOP THIS FILM". For the most part it stays at least half full. I shoot kind of a lot of film. Most of it is just for fun, because for me film doesn't feel like work. It's just not the same as having a couple DSLRs slung around me, ready to capture all of the moments needed for event coverage. With film I take my time. It forces me to be patient - no I can't show you what I just captured. Give me a week or so, then I'll show you.

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Katie's Candies


Candy is as much fun to photograph as it is to eat. My sister, Katie, opened a candy shop in Oakwood (Dayton). So, now whenever I need a little sugar rush and she needs some marketing photos made, we both win. The candy is colorful and glossy and once you get that whole "don't play with your food" thing out of the way it's a blast.

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Catching Up


I'm hoping that these posts will become more regular in the very near future. I've had quite a bit going on and haven't had the time that I usually have to put towards this interaction. I've been settling into my new full time gig - it has been a great change, but a slightly different pace than I'm used to.

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