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Developing Old Rolls


I have an old tin tea package in my room labeled "DEVELOP THIS FILM". For the most part it stays at least half full. I shoot kind of a lot of film. Most of it is just for fun, because for me film doesn't feel like work. It's just not the same as having a couple DSLRs slung around me, ready to capture all of the moments needed for event coverage. With film I take my time. It forces me to be patient - no I can't show you what I just captured. Give me a week or so, then I'll show you.

A few days ago I developed a few rolls that had been sitting for a while. Besides one of the rolls that I shot last week, I had no idea what was on them. It was pretty cool to see some pictures from my days at OSU on these. The images were taken just before graduating and from the looks of them, I was already getting nostalgic about the campus.

Many times when I develop rolls from these old rolls, I am completely taken back to the time when I first clicked the shutter. A lot of the time, I don't remember my intentions with the image, but I remember that day and how nice it was to wander.

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