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Best of 2017


2017 was pretty great.

This time last year, I was in Buffalo, exploring the city and watching hockey with my brother, Chuck. This time last year, I also made a conscious decision to become a better photographer in the studio and become proficient with lighting. That all started with a donut calendar for my sister who is a police officer. She now owns a candy shop in Dayton, and I help her and her business with images of sweets.

Looking back it's kind of insane how much life has changed in the past 12 months. I've started working at a pretty awesome new job that has taught me a lot, I've started working with a new group of people to create short films (we'll be available for commissioned work very soon), I've had a chance to reach out to old friends to work together, I've met a ton of new people to collaborate with, I won a lens with a picture of a cat (thanks for sitting for me Mo), I shot a few weddings, and I shot a few events.

Like I said, it's all been pretty darn great.

Hopefully 2018 has just as many opportunities for growth.


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    We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

    Oh boy. It's been a while. I've been hustling and bustling and at one point my website disappeared. The past year and a half or so has felt like a blur. A lot has happened. I've grown a lot. My focus has changed a little.

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Best of 2017

2017 was pretty great. Read more

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