Talking About Tom Sachs


You see that thing up there?

What? The Moon? Yea I se-

We're gonna go there.

But, why? What the hell's on the moon?

I don't know but it'll be pretty badass, right? Plus we'll probably learn a bunch of cool shit along the way like how to make non-stick cooking pans, an oven that shoots beams of waves at your chicken to cook it, and cars that run on batteries.

We already have batteries, can't we just do that with the cars already? And what the hell are you trying to do with my chicken?

You just don't get it, man. WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON.

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Introducing: Adventures in Art


This is a new thing for this blog. Periodically, I'm going to put together a little post about an artist, photographer, person of influence, whatever. Right now I'm thinking it'll happen once a month, but once it gets rolling it might happen more often than that. The content will vary but it will mostly be people that are inspire my work - for whatever reason. I know that a lot of the people in my social circle are artists, but I also know that a lot of you are not. And, although I try and make my work accessible to pretty much anyone, I know that there are a lot of you that look at some of my images and think "What the hell's that all about." I'm interested in sharing the artists who inspire me and hearing from you guys about what you think about art/photography/design/whatever.

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Try it Again; Taking the Same Picture


The image above is a stretch of road between Columbus and Mechanicsburg on 29. I have taken nearly the same picture over and over and over again. I keep taking that same picture, but each time I do it feels different. After the first couple trips between Columbus and Piqua, I noticed that the trip was transforming. There were tight turns that I took a little more gingerly, uncertain what the road would do next. After a while I stopped paying so much attention to the road and started to take in the landscape.

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It's Been a Whiiiiiile (queue up Staind)


As I type this it is 11:49pm on Saturday, June 3, 2017. This totally will not be posted at 11:49pm on Saturday, June 3, 2017. I usually post on Wednesdays, and start sharing to social media and all that at around noon-ish. When I hear that test for the tornado siren, I know it's time. But, none of that happened this past Wednesday. Instead, a whole lot of other cool stuff happened.

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Traveling with Tom, Part 2


On the Beach

A couple weeks ago I took a little road trip with some family. I managed to get my right arm sun burnt in the sunshine state. When a person is in a hurry to hit the water, sometimes that person forgets to apply sun block on the arm that they are applying the sun block with. But, it wasn't too bad.

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Traveling with Tom, Part 1


To Florida

I have been traveling a teensy bit for work lately. And, in that slightly dulled state of being in a car or plane for hours and hours I've had the chance to take a step back from what I'm looking at and to see things a little bit differently. The camera that I've been taking along is my trusty Zorki 4 - an old Russian film camera. It's really kind of weird to take pictures on film while in this state. Because even if I get the film developed the next week and get the negatives and scans back a few days after that, even if I get it back at the soonest possible time, I still look at some of the images thinking "Did I take that?"

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