The Camera Doesn't Matter


There is always a reason to not start something. So you don't have the best equipment, don't let that hold you back from making. Coping with not so good gear can have a positive impact on your style. It can even make the work more unique to your thinking and show your hand in its creation.

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A Tribute to the Arthur Tress Dream Machine


from Arthur Tress' Dream Collector SeriesNOT MY IMAGE

When I first looked at Arthur Tress' work, I was fascinated by his Dream Collector series. It is a series that was inspired by children's dreams. He spoke to a group of children, they described their most vivid dreams, and he produced photographs to recreate these scenes. The image above of children laying across chain link fence, as if they're flying, is from that series. The rest describe these terrifying and exciting events that they have been through, all created by their own imagination. All are fairly rudimentary in production, technique, and general photographic abilities required. But, I appreciate the creativity used to pursue the project - like the chain link fence. You can see the do-it-yourself aspect and there is nothing hiding the wires that suspend the kids.

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Photographing Friends


When I get the chance, I always jump on the opportunity to photograph friends. Whether it is to document our relationship or a specific event or time, they are always the photos that I come back to the most. When you're having a conversation with someone and sharing a personal moment, it just creates the best atmosphere to show who that person is.

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A Love Letter to the Game of Hockey


Today the Blue Jackets play the first playoff game of the season. For me it will also be the first time seeing them in the playoffs. So, between loads of laundry and marinating/baking chicken, I started to play around with the layout for a book that I'm putting together.

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