Photo Basics is a book that I put together for teaching lessons at Columbus Camera Group. When teaching the lessons, I found myself going over the same material and taking the same notes. So, I designed this little pamphlet that the student could leave with and have in their camera bag as a reminder of what we went over.

Something for You was a video I did as a promotion for my personal photography blog. I have been maintaining a Tumblr feed for years and enjoy the connection it provides between me and my followers. When I hit a follower milestone, I made some postcards and sent one to any follower who wanted one. This video was part of that communication.

We often get obscure equipment at Columbus Camera Group that we want to share. For a 4x5 (large format photographic negative) enlarger, I made the video Beseler 45MXT 4x5 Enlarger at CCG, a short video showing the enlarger's functions.

Bike to Work Day is a special project to me. Although there are a few rough patches, I made some leaps in my ability to tell story with film.